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Seasonal Events: Dates to be determined


JAMBOREE- This is the opening of ceremonies for the entrie organization. We scrimmage against another team for 1/2 hour game. Times and directions will be announced closer to the event.


Pep Rally- Every Thursday, during season we have a pep rally for the upcoming games. Each cheer squad performs a few cheers. After they are finished all teams compete for the spirit stick.


Homecoming- Z-pal hosts a homecoming for all our participants. Each division elects a homecoming court, which consists of a King, Queen, Princess and Prince. A homecoming dance is held, it is a family event and all are welcome.


Cheer offs- This is a competition for cheerleaders.


Play-offs- There are play-offs for football at the end of the season. Depending on ranking of teams. Superbowl follows the play-offs if the team has successfully won all three rounds.


End of the year recgonition- This is where we present recgonition to all our participants, coaches, team parents, volunteers and sponsors.

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